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Cake Break with Finn Weise

Finn joined Partech in 2018 to focus on Seed investments. He has recently been promoted to Senior Associate. 

1. Finn, you’re based in Partech’s Berlin office. You’ve worked across different sectors of the German ecosystem. What fascinates you about the German tech ecosystem? 

I think the most interesting thing about the German tech ecosystem is really its diversity. Compared to France or the UK, we have multiple tech centers which produce different kinds of companies: Berlin, Munich, but also university cities with a strong manufacturing and engineering profile. In Germany, exciting companies can really originate from anywhere. What I like about Berlin particularly, the least German of all cities, is that it is so international and free-spirited. You hear so many different languages and subcultures every day. This makes it an attractive place to open an office and come to work. 

2. What do you look for in seed-stage entrepreneurs?  

We look for companies that have a very strong product DNA. Historically, there have been plenty of companies in Germany with more of an operational, execution-driven profile. We believe the next generation of internationally successful companies will be more scalable, more tech-driven and more global in nature. Additionally, we believe there must be a strong founder / business match. We look for people who truly live their business! 

3. You studied at Stellenbosch University in South Africa for a semester. What valuable lessons did you learn about immersing yourself in a new culture during that experience? 

For me it was amazing to experience the Rainbow Nation firsthand. I learned what a heterogeneous and diverse culture South Africa has, especially the Cape region. South Africans with their many different ethnicities are constantly learning to co-exist peacefully. Cape Town attracts a lot of immigrants who come to find work from all countries of sub-Saharan Africa. This melting pot of cultures is an enriching atmosphere that spurs creativity and public life. 

4. What’s your favorite snack to grab from the Partech kitchen? 

Clearly blueberry soy yogurt! 😉 

Thank you Finn!

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