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CEO Corner: 3 questions to Giles Palmer, Brandwatch CEO

Brandwatch is the Saas world leader in social media listening and analytics.

1. What’s your vision for Brandwatch 18 months from now?

I'm keeping quiet on the specifics, but what I will say is that excellence and innovation will pervade everything we do. We have spent 9 months working on our infrastructure and now that is nearly complete, we're going to unleash a creative tsunami :)

2. What is the one thing Partech never wants to hear?

You know, I’m not sure about that. From my 9 months working with Omri and Alban, they're extremely robust, reasonable folks who aren't afraid to hear anything. I think they're more afraid of not hearing things.

3. The 3 most useful initiatives Partech helped you with?

  1. Introductions - both for hiring new people and new business - we have been successful with both in a very short period of time

  2. Product and strategy - Omri Benayoun from Partech and Etienne Droit an independent NED who joined the board following an introduction from Partech are extremely strong in these areas and I have found them to be amazing sounding boards here

  3. Expansion - but I’m not telling you the details of what that is I'm afraid :)

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