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Coffee Break with Josépha Montana, Chief Sustainability Officer at Partech

In March 2023, Partech appointed Josépha Montana as their Chief Sustainability Officer, a novel role aimed at expediting the firm's aspirations to spearhead the sustainable finance revolution. In this interview, Josépha discusses her new position at Partech and shares her perspectives on ESG and sustainability in the tech industry.

Q: What inspired you to join Partech as the new Chief Sustainability Officer?

Josépha: I was drawn to Partech due to their strong ambition to lead the sustainable finance revolution. Their commitment to impact investing and their mission to meld innovation with impact resonated with me. As a venture capital firm, Partech has a crucial role in implementing best ESG practices from the inception stage, spanning from ESG analysis to sustainable investment. The company has the capability to drive impact from the initial development stage of tech firms, making this an exciting challenge and role to undertake.

Q: How do you picture ESG and sustainability shaping the tech industry today?

Josépha: ESG and sustainability have already transformed many industries, but their adoption in the tech sector is comparatively recent. The rapid growth of technology also bestows  investors with significant responsibilities in determining how it will mold the world of tomorrow. The discussion now extends beyond simply integrating ESG factors, delving into tangible ESG impact on tech performance and risk management. Venture capital firms must establish ESG strategies for their funds, ranging from promoting SRI policies to embracing sustainable investment. Furthermore, they need to build a dedicated framework for technology and execute a sustainable roadmap. Ultimately, they must measure the societal impact of their portfolio companies and strive to cultivate a Tech4Good society.

Q: What is your strategy for integrating sustainability at Partech?
Josépha: My mission is to guide the company's endeavors in establishing itself as a touchstone within the tech community for effectively blending impact and profit across all maturity levels. I aim to incorporate sustainability at Partech by weaving it into processes and decision-making, as well as fostering cultural change throughout the entire organization and portfolio via education. My objective is to encourage mindset shifts grounded in tangible actions.

Q: What recommendations do you have for tech companies seeking to incorporate sustainability into their business models?

Josépha: Companies should pinpoint the environmental and social issues they wish to tackle and develop ESG strategies that align with their business objectives. Additionally, they need to identify industry-specific KPIs and create a roadmap for achieving them. Ultimately, they must assess their societal impact and work towards building a Tech4Good society. By integrating sustainability into their business models, tech companies can not only generate long-term value for their stakeholders but also exert a positive influence on society and the environment.

Q: What are your long-term objectives for sustainability at Partech?

Josépha: I aspire to enhance the extra-financial value creation for our portfolio and position Partech as a responsible investor. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of a Tech4Good society and make a positive difference in society and the environment. I firmly believe that the performance of extra-financial criteria will lead to the performance of financial criteria.

Thank you, Josépha, for sharing your insights with us! 🙏

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