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Enjoy the ride Alltricks! The bike and running specialist welcomes Decathlon at its capital and exits the Partech portfolio

In a few years, the Alltricks website has become the number one reference for cycling and triathlon lovers. Alltricks is the internet specialist in bicycle distribution, bicycle and mountain bike parts, running equipment, and more, offering to athletes a complete selection of high-quality lifestyle products.

It all started in 2008. Gary Anssens, former champion of BMX and bicycle lover had a serious accident, disabling him in bed for weeks. And that was the decisive moment his business idea was born, to create an ecommerce website dedicated to the bicycle. 

Since then, the company never stopped growing: 

- raising money: €2M in 2011 – and already with the support of Partech! – €2.9M in 2014 and €7.3M in 2017
- opening a warehouse in Châteaudun: with 50 000 references in stock!
- launching stores: two in the Ile-de-France region and one in the south of France 
- and delivering to 70 countries in the world and in less than 24 hours in France, Spain, Italy Belgium, Germany and the UK.

Today, the company has 160 employees, its offer has been extended to running gear and an ever-expanding variety of lifestyle equipment and it made €65M of revenue in 2018.

“Our grounding in cycling is in our DNA and we were looking for a partner, complementary and as  passionate as us in order to complete our offer and help us serve our clients and athletes even better wherever they are”, said Gary Anssens, Alltricks CEO.

In this operation, Decathlon buys the shares held by Partech and other minority investors. Gary Anssens, founder and CEO of Alltricks, retains complete autonomy and a significant share of the capital, along with Decathlon.

We wish Gary and his team a great ride with their new partner! 

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