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Meals for Caregivers

The COVID-19 pandemic is demonstrating now more than ever that the work of caregivers, working in hospitals or other care-giving facilities, is absolutely vital to the maintenance of society. The sheer number of patients being admitted to hospital is coming close to causing a major saturation of resources, and so hospital staff are working around the clock to ensure that they can continue to provide a quality service to their patients. This intensification of work can mean that workers do not get the time they need to eat proper meals, therefore putting their health at risk while they help others.

As a solution to this problem, and as a way of demonstrating respect to those keeping us safe, various entrepreneurs, investors and investment funds have mobilized and decided to make a collective donation to provide 40 000 meals for caregivers in hospitals that need them.

Partech is proud to support this initiative, which has seen 460 meals per day delivered to the Georges Pompidou Hospital, 150 meals per day to Mulhouse Hospital and 640 meals per day to the Hospital of Bordeaux. The initiative is expanding, however can only do so with the help of the masses, and so to help finance the production and delivery of thousands of quality meals, noon and evening, seven days a week, donations can be sent to the Paris Hospitals Foundation by clicking here.

You can find more information and relevant contacts in the Press Release (in French).

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