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Meet Wanted, the NYC startup helping you receive the salary you deserve

Wanted is a new talent agency whose mission it is to eliminate recruitment bias that often causes discrimination when offering a salary. The factors include but are not limited to: race, gender and belief. Wanted requires those looking for employment to enter their required salary and upload a CV/LinkedIn profile, before being matched to employers who are not able to see the full profile of the employee. This maintains their anonymity and allows for a non-biased review of their profile.

The company is tackling a lack of job transparency that exists far too often in the employment world, which results in interviews existing just to waste the time of the employee who at the end will realize that the job will not even cover their bills.

The founders of Wanted, Jean Meyer and Balazs Alexa, previously co-founded a dating site called Date My School, a platform on which alumni and students can connect with each other with the intention of forming meaningful connections. Continuing his dating platform journey, Jean also founded Once, a dating site providing the user with only one match every 24 hours to further encourage meaningful connections rather than games. Jean and Balazs translated this idea of matching people on dating sites to matching employees with employers through Wanted, and the two men, just as with a dating app, will ensure that meaningful connections are made through the site that are beneficial to both parties.

In January of 2020, Wanted raised a pre-seed round of $1.8M from Partech, Hoxton Ventures, Kima Ventures, Nicholas Dessaigne (CEO of Algolia) and Dominique Vidal (Partner of Index Ventures), among others, demonstrating investors' confidence that there is a problem with how the current recruitment process works and that this company, Wanted, is the answer to an idea un-biased employment culture.

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