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Partech Growth invests in StuDocu!

As tech investors, we have the privilege of meeting exceptional mission-driven entrepreneurs. Upon meeting Marnix and Lucas, two of the four co-founders of StuDocu, earlier this year, we were immediately impressed by the inspired way that they think about their business and their data-driven culture. Listening to their story, it became clear that at every step of their journey they have applied their analytical mindsets to continuously improve their business model for the benefits of students the world over. Today, StuDocu is an exceptionally capital efficient business growing rapidly as a result of compelling network effects established between millions of students across the globe. That’s one of the many reasons why we’re delighted to be partnering with the team in their latest fundraise, and so excited about the future of StuDocu. 

StuDocu was founded in Amsterdam in 2010 during their studies, to exchange study documents with each other and together strive for better grades. Having met the need themselves, they set on a mission to help students excel in life, by excelling in their studies first.

To do that, they created a platform on which students can share original, high quality content such as lecture notes, summaries and practice materials. The platform makes it possible for every student to study as efficiently as possible, wherever they are and whenever they want. It automatically and smartly triages content to present each student with the most relevant files in their dashboards. The search engine also allows students to research content from their university, by topic, by author, etc. Finally, StuDocu offers the “StuDocu Groups” feature where fellow students can help each other on specific questions. StuDocu’s platform has users from 2,000 universities in 60 countries, across the world. After speaking to just a small proportion of the millions of students that use StuDocu over the past few months, it has become clear that they love the platform, and that it forms an important part of their academic experience. 

The tailwinds supporting the digitization of education and content are well-documented and there are an increasing number of adults around the world expected to enter higher education in the coming years. But equal access to educational resources remains a hot topic, indeed one that is directly addressed by the fourth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal: “By 2030, ensure equal access for all women and men to affordable and quality technical, vocational and tertiary education, including university”. StuDocu is helping to revolutionize the market for educational content by significantly widening this access: anyone can use the site to browse through peer-originated resources to broaden their knowledge, or finally crack that concept they’d been trying to grasp for months. StuDocu is the leading global provider with the scale to connect almost any student with relevant content from classmates at their own university, who have been following the same courses with the same teachers during previous semesters. 

Let’s talk about the co-founders: Marnix Broer (CEO) and Lucas van den Houten (CTO) have known each other since childhood – you can’t beat that for knowing each other inside out! As first-time founders who have been building their business since their university days, they are passionately determined to grow StuDocu into a global student platform and have done so with a rare drive and focus.  To help them build the business, they were able to attract strong managers such as Rasmus Wolff (ex-exec at Just Eat & GetYourGuide), Reynald Fasciaux (ex- Amazon & Uber), and a rock-solid team, all the while nurturing an impressive company culture.

With the execution capabilities the StuDocu founders have already demonstrated, our decision to support them was a no-brainer. Marnix and team recognize that now is the right time for them to accelerate and invest in their business. With the core offering proven and network effects continuing to strengthen, we are investing to support the team in the next step towards becoming a global and leading Edtech platform. StuDocu will use this investment to expand their team significantly, as well as their product capabilities and reach. We are excited to support the team to pursue their vision of becoming the go-to hub for students in a journey that we hope will bring more effective learning experiences to millions of students around the world. They will hire amazing talents, let us know if we can connect you and some people you would like to refer!

The Partech Growth team.

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