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Partech appoints Olivier Schuepbach as new partner for Germany

The $850M strong transatlantic VC intensifies its focus on Germany with the appointment of entrepreneur and investor Olivier Schuepbach

The March 2015 announcement that Partech would expand its presence in Germany is followed by actions: Olivier Schuepbach is appointed partner of Partech in Germany and will lead the team of three investment professionals based in Berlin. Schuepbach is well-known among the German start-up scene: In the past he has already worked as a venture capitalist at Wellington Partners and has operationally helped start-ups such as Brands4friends, in its international expansion and ultimate sale to eBay.

Partech’s managing partners Philippe Collombel and Jean-Marc Patouillaud gave a warm welcome to the new arrival: "We want to raise our exposure in Germany to the next level. With Olivier we gained a well-known and widely appreciated business partner to reach that goal," explains Collombel. Patouillaud added that "Germany has a strong entrepreneurial scene which needs further growth capital and fully dedicated teams to unlock its potential. Investors in place must know the local market from inside out and have the right instincts to identify the rising stars. Olivier truly brings the experience and network we’ve been searching for.”

A passionate entrepreneur and investor

With Schuepbach, the transatlantic venture capital firm appoints an experienced entrepreneur and investor in the German and international technology scenes. Schuepbach started his career in the U.S. at Texas Instruments and has been working with fast-growing technology companies for more than 15 years. Prior to joining Partech Ventures, Olivier was in charge of international development and M&A at Brands4friends before eventually leading its successful exit to Ebay. Previously, he worked at the venture capital firm Wellington Partners where he teamed up with Partech for example on an investment in Qype, which was later sold to Yelp. A passionate entrepreneur and investor, Schuepbach is also known for his role as CFO of MarkaVIP, now one of the largest ecommerce companies in the Middle East.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Schuepbach moved to Munich nine years ago. He has a very deep understanding of the German technology ecosystem from Berlin to Bavaria and is looking forward to actively supporting it: “With our transatlantic and pan-European structure and investment tickets ranging from €250,000 to €40M, we are in a position to accompany ambitious entrepreneurs in every phase of their growth.”

Partech will invest in Germany through three funds: Seed (Partech Entrepreneur), Venture (Partech International) and Growth Capital (Partech Growth). Olivier will work in close proximity to principal Otto Birnbaum, who has been an active investment professional in the German Partech office since 2014 and who will focus on seed investment.

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