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Professional coaching, the key to Executive Development, with CoachHub

To kick off our Partech Shake & Learn series for 2021, we hosted a webinar titled ‘Coaching in Businesses: Why, What, and How with CoachHub’. To tell us more about this topic, we were joined by two fantastic speakers with a wide range of experience in this field: François-Xavier Vannini, VP France at CoachHub, and Joel B. Vuadens-Chan, Executive Coach and Social Entrepreneur. The exchange was moderated by Sarah Huet, Managing Director of the Partech Shaker. The participants were treated to an eye-opening discussion ranging from Coaching methodology to problem solving to aid professional and personal development.

Sarah started off by asking about the background of Professional Coaching and its recent boom in demand through platforms such as CoachHub. François-Xavier explained that as we have moved into a digital era, access to coaching and coaches has become more accessibly allowing professional coaching to be externalized. Joel has experienced the shift towards online coaching firsthand and argues that digital coaching is more flexible, catering more closely to the needs of the clients. He went on to emphasize that coaching is not a form of therapy, rather professional training which can lead to personal development at the same time. With the world turned upside down by the Covid crisis, one’s professional life can be susceptible to burnout or psychologically challenging moments. Joel told us it is times like these that demonstrate that it is never too late or too early to reach out for coaching whether it be to address your short-term goals or to work towards something in the longer term.

The discussion moved on to the metrics for both coaches and clients to measure the success of the programs. François-Xavier underlined that performance metrics are not set-in stone and depend on what you are working towards with your respective clients. But, to gauge whether methods are working, asking companies for updates, or creating polls can provide you with the satisfaction that you are getting return on investment. Joel explained that, for him as a coach, he works towards professional and talent development that in turn fuels personal development. He went on to describe the importance of keeping the sessions as open as possible by putting it in the hands of the client. It is important to ask them what they want to get out of the sessions and make sure they feel at ease in their professional life and in your company. From a business perspective, François-Xavier added that for CoachHub, data protection and confidentiality are of paramount importance with second-hand communication about clients strictly forbidden coupled with a rigorous GDPR policy.

The methodology behind identifying the problems to solve and the best way to work is key to establishing a good connection between coach and client. Joel spoke of one of his chosen method, Breakthrough Coaching, which seeks to go into the subconscious of the client to understand what blocks them and how they can remove these mental blockages. A session might seems free-flowing and inform; however a coach has a clear structure how to ask questions to discover real issues and lead the discussion real solutions. In terms of finding the right coaches for clients, that is where CoachHub comes in, explained François-Xavier. Their rigorous AI algorithm proposes a match faster and more accurately than manual solutions. With over 1,000 coaches in their network, they are able cater for specific needs and language requirements. The personalized element to the solution allows for a deeper involvement in the sessions and often makes it easier for coach and client to build up relations.

After a connection between coach and client has been established, the question turns to when do you see results? It is important to understand that results depend on the task at hand or the themes that you are looking to tackle. Joel told us that many clients will not be looking for a quick fix and so it is to be expected that results come on an incremental level. François-Xavier remarked that according to a study published by Olivero, G., Bane, K. D., & Kopelman, Training on Leadership and Professional Coaching leads to an 88% increase in performance levels. This emphasizes the success of these sessions and results come to those who put the time and effort into their professional development. Moreover, François-Xavier underpinned the accessibility of CoachHub’s service on a costing level. There is no fixed price to their offering, and it is calculated on the needs of each customer or business. As François-Xavier discussed this, a question from the floor arrived as to what sets CoachHub apart from its competitors. He spoke of how CoachHub externalizes all your businesses coaching, taking away the stress of finding solutions for each of your employees. Better still, their platform is all done internally with no need for the use of video conferencing apps which optimizes user experience and feedback. They are always trying to better their solution with the help of their state-of-the-art Coaching Lab which funds research on the art of coaching and its best practices. CoachHub is also growing rapidly and recently closed a big $30 Million funding roundwhich will allow them to invest in the platform and improve it even further.

A huge thanks must go to Sarah and our two guests who provided us with fascinating insight into the world of coaching and professional development. They demonstrated why the demand for coaching services has gone through the roof in recent years and how what they do brings about positive change in the professional and personal lives of their clients.

List of resources shared by our speakers:

Coachhub resources:

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 (Rekalde, Landeta and co, 2017) revealed in their study that, among all skills development methods, executive coaching is the one that is the most efficient for behavioural change.

Rekalde, I., Landeta, J., Albizu, E., & Fernandez-Ferrin, P. (2017). Is executive coaching more effective than other management training and development methods?. Management Decision. 



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