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#KnowYourWorth: NYC startup "Wanted" is helping talent to be paid what they deserve.

New York City, March 10, 2020 
Set your desired salary, drop your resume, and carry on with your life. In two steps, start getting offers from companies that commit to paying you more. 

That’s the promise of ​Wanted, a New York-based startup that enables talent to anonymously receive job opportunities at a salary they’d consider switching companies for​. 

Wanted raised a pre-seed round of $1.8 million from Partech, Hoxton Ventures, Kima Ventures, Nicholas Dessaigne (CEO of Algolia) and Dominique Vidal (Partner of Index Ventures) among others last January to prove its concept. ​Wanted is on a mission to make salary offers agnostic to gender, race, sexual preference or religion and to help talent to be paid what they deserve. 
It’s easy to sign up with a simple resume or LinkedIn profile upload, and talent stays completely anonymous until they accept an interview request from a company. With Wanted, companies commit upfront to the salary for a position in order to connect with talent. Afterwards, companies are able to see full profiles only if talent agrees to reveal themselves.

“​People that are happy with their jobs are not willing to spend more than a minute on a recruitment platform and are extremely self-conscious about staying anonymous, ​ ” said Jean Meyer, Wanted CEO. “​However, due to the lack of transparency in the job market, people never know if they are paid what they are worth or if they could get something better.”  

For now, the platform is available in New York, San Francisco or remote for tech and marketing​ talent who already have a job​. 

This startup is convinced that companies pledging to fight the pay gap due to gender or any other personal preference or attribute are one step closer to becoming a workplace of the future. Although the topic has been growing in popularity over the past years, women and minorities are still victims of discrimination that is reflected in their compensation package. Join the #KnowYourWorth movement. 
And for those who have had a bad experience with recruiting, rest assured, Wanted won’t bother them unless it’s worthwhile; “​nobody wants to spend time with interviewing only to realize at the end that the job won’t cover rent,” said Meyer. 

For further enquiries, please contact: 
Eva Peris
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