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Lalilo on the front line in Distance Learning Ressources #SchoolClosures

Paris, 03.16.20 - In less than 72 hours, Lalilo becomes a valuable educational resource for school teachers who must adapt their teaching methods to the distance learning of several million students. Lalilo is one of the six winners of the ​Artificial Intelligence Innovation Partnership​ (P2IA) carried by the Ministry of National Education and Youth, Lalilo offers a tool for differentiating the teaching of reading in the classroom. 
Since the announcement of the closure of schools linked to the coronavirus epidemic, Lalilo has in fact recorded in 4 days the registrations of more than 10% of K-2 teachers (14,000 out of 135,000). French students do more than a million exercises on Lalilo every day, compared to 20,000 a day in normal times. 
Lalilo has chosen to share its program online for free with as many people as possible, including parents, so that each child can continue to progress in learning to read. 
To ensure educational continuity and to be able to make its tool available to as many people as possible, Lalilo has taken exceptional measures in recent hours: 
  • Scale up of all servers to accommodate joint connections of teachers and parents
  • Strengthening of the user support team (more than 1500 messages / day from teachers and parents)
  • Improvement of communication tools between teachers and parents
  • Establishment of weekly webinars to facilitate the handling of the tool
  • Quick adaptation of the solution if it is used by parents at home for their child(ren). 
About Lalilo  

Lalilo is an Edtech start-up founded in 2016 whose ambition is to fight school failure with a tool for differentiating reading instruction. The web application, dedicated to school teachers, is based on artificial intelligence algorithms allowing to propose exercises adapted to the level of each student. 

Discover Lalilo: https://www.lalilo.com/

Contact ​: Laurent Jolie, co-founder, ​laurent@lalilo.com​ - +336 37 87 13 97 

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