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Team workouts despite home office: Urban Sports Club expands its product portfolio with corporate classes

Berlin, Germany, 04.05.2020 – In order to keep employees healthy and fit in their home office, Urban Sports Club now offers companies online corporate classes via livestream. In these classes, employees train and interact as a team with the trainer. 
Home office is the new reality. Many employees still work in their own four walls - and there is no end in sight. Many feel lonely due to working at home, the physical distance to the team and a lack of social contacts. Even now, fears, worries and lack of exercise can be a great strain, often having a major impact on mental and physical health. Sports routines help not only to plan the individual week, but also to promote team cohesion and health. 
Sport promotes productivity

From Cardio to HIIT to Yoga: With Urban Sports Club, companies can now book individual online workouts for individual departments or teams. In contrast to pre-recorded videos, training takes place in a group and in real time. Companies can choose from the sports offerings of various partners and can arrange four course dates. The partner is responsible for the execution of the workouts. The link to the course participation will be sent by Urban Sports Club via e-mail. Employees can use it to join the training online. Companies like Blinkist already use the Corporate Classes. Svenja Otten, Admin & Advisory at Blinkist, emphasizes: "It was a lot of fun to participate in a live online course with my team. The joint training in a remote setup is a great alternative for staying active during the home office". The offer is open to all companies, whether they are customers of Urban Sports Club or not.  
Movement is important, especially in the home office 

Why sport is so important for physical and mental health in times of COVID-19 is explained by Prof. Dr. Niels Nagel, PhD in sports science and Managing Director of the German Industry Association for Fitness and Health (DIFG), of which Urban Sports Club is also a member: "There is a risk that parts of the population may not contract COVID-19 themselves, but they will suffer from the consequences of this pandemic. Restricting physical activity can lead to health risks such as diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Combined strength and endurance training has positive effects, for example in terms of improving stress resilience or preventing depression and exhaustion. With regard to the containment of the psychological consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the German Medical Journal explicitly emphasises yoga, Pilates and strength training. In addition, training can help to maintain mental performance with regard to school, studies and work and improve sleep quality and self-esteem".  
Information about the Corporate Classes can be found here: https://corporate.urbansportsclub.com/corporate-classes   
About Urban Sports Club 

Urban Sports Club offers a flexible sports flat rate. The aim is to motivate people to take part in sports through the largest and most varied range of offers and to encourage them to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. From fitness, yoga, swimming and climbing to team sports and wellness offers - members can compile their individual training plan from over 50 sports and more than 8,000 partner locations - including OneFit there are more than 10,000 – in six countries (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal) and check in to the sport via smartphone app. Diversity, flexible conditions as well as organized team sports and wellness offers round off the range of services for private and corporate customers.  

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, Urban Sports Club has temporarily changed its offer to online courses. The interactive training units take place via livestream in real time. This gives users access to thousands of courses from hundreds of partner locations in Germany and Europe.  
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  
Press contact:  
Urban Sports Club  Michaelkirchstraße 20  10179 Berlin Germany 
Franka Schuster  Email: franka.schuster@urbansportsclub.com  Telefon: +49 171 298 8941  
Cristina Krenzer  Email: cristina.krenzer@urbansportsclub.com  Telefon: +49 170 220 9310

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